WordPress Customization Services

We are specialized in WordPress customization and we can tweak your current WordPress Theme or Plugin or customize just about anything for a highly affordable price.

Over a decade of experience in WordPress theme and plugin customization should tell you enough. We made happy more than 500+ WordPress professionals.

We work with our customers on providing the best possible solution for their WordPress website needs. Your success is our best advertisement.

What kind of custom WordPress services are available?

WordPress customization and modification servicesWe are a humble team of WordPress developers and designers and we aren’t an agency.

Our approach is highly personalized and pleasant.

We offer Professional WordPress custom services for a fair price. You can see the scope of our customization services:

  • WordPress theme customization – we can customize any feature or functionality on your WordPress website
  • WordPress plugin customization – adding or tweaking plugin feature or functionality
  • CSS styling and Design adjustments – We can help you achieve any design and layout request
  • Performance and Caching boost – speed up your website and score great results at Page Speed tests
  • SEO services for WordPress

WordPress Theme customization services include any desired modification to theme features and functionality in terms of altering code or extending theme functions. All customization services are done professionally and via a child theme that will create for you.

WordPress Plugin customization includes altering of plugins’ specific features or functionality. This service also includes making some plugin compatible with the theme you are using, adding some new options, etc.

CSS styling and Design adjustment is a kind of service where we create any desired visual customization of the website or theme via CSS styles.

Performance and Caching boost is a service that will boost your overall website Page Speed for sure. It will help you with better Speed test scores and gain better SEO ranking in terms of performance and response time.

SEO services for WordPress include all needed things and tasks that will make your WordPress website performs better in Google search and other SERP’s. The website SEO will generate organic search results over time and thus help you grow your WordPress blog.


We charge the WordPress customization services per hour basis and it’s currently $25/hour.

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