Google PageSpeed Optimization

Website speed plays one of the key roles when it comes to the overall Search Engine Ranking. Google announced last year that the website speed and performance is affecting websites position in Google search results. Making your Website score great PageSpeed results in now crucial.

We offer PageSpeed Optimization for WordPress

We will perform all needed tasks and actions to make your WordPress website PageSpeed results best as possible.

Google PageSpeed OptimizationThe tasks and actions included in this service are:

  • Removing unused CSS and JS
  • Optimizing the total number of plugins
  • Utilizing server-side caching
  • WordPress object in-memory caching
  • Setting up website caching plugin
  • Minification of CSS, JS, and HTML
  • Improving the JS render time
  • Removing the content above the fold
  • Leveraging browser cache
  • Improving the first contentful paint
  • Lowering time to interactive value
  • Eliminating render-blocking resources
  • Setting up an efficient caching policy
  • Ensuring that the text remains visible by adding swap

Overall, we will make sure that your website score more than 90/100 for mobile devices and 99~100/100 for desktops.

Additional optimization services per requirement:

  • Setting up reverse-proxy (optional)
  • CDN and DDOS protection (optional)


We will need access to your web hosting account like FTP or SFTP account with access to your main public directory/folder. The access to the WP admin area with the user set to the administrator role.


We charge $50 for this service as a one-time fee, payable via PayPal or Payoneer.

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