How to delete unused images in your WordPress website

How to delete unused images in your WordPress website

Dues to the various reasons, you might need to clean up your Media Library in WordPress website and remove all unused images. Those are usually images that were uploaded in some posts as post content images or ex-featured images from deleted posts. How to delete unused images automatically? You can automatically remove all unused images […]

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Disable or turn off automatic updates in WordPress

How to disable or turn off automatic updates in WordPress

WordPress introduced the automatic updates feature in a 3.7 version. The WordPress doesn’t offer an option to disable or turn off the automatic update, but don’t worry there are a couple of ways to do it.

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How to add LIVE Chat to your WordPress website

Add Live Chat to your WordPress website

The last couple of years have brought an excessive amount of rapid communication tools like instant messaging and chats. Almost every business website is offering some kind of Live Chat. The WordPress is no exception and you can add Live Chat feature easily.

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How to Replace old blog URL with new URL in WordPress Database

Replace old blog domain URL in WordPress Database

If you decide to change your WordPress blog URL or just simply move the entire WordPress website to a new domain name, you might stumble upon the problem where old URL’s are still present in the post or page content.

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Fix missing or misplaced images shared on Facebook and Social Media

If your posts are not displaying the proper Featured image when shared over social media like Facebook or Twitter, here is how to fix it.

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Export and import products in WooCommerce

Sometimes you might need to export the products from your WooCommerce store and import them on another WordPress website.

The WooCommerce doesn’t offer this option by default, but luckily there is a quick solution.

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How to disable or remove WordPress responsive image markup

How to remove the WordPress “native” responsive image markup code from your website to prevent WordPress from serving images based on devices screen size.

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How to fix missing schedule posts and WordPress Cron job issues

WordPress has it’s own Cron job that helps with automation of some processes, like posts scheduling or similar. It’s not actually a real Cron job like the ones that are executing on the server periodically, yet it’s just a simulation of the real Cron job.

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How to find Post ID in WordPress

Sometimes you might need to know your post or page ID in WordPress and these kind of details are usually not visible in any setting field, so we need to determinate them somehow.

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How to disable and delete comments in WordPress

In this you’ll see the ways to disable or delete the

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