How to Stop Contact form Spam in WordPress

How to Stop Contact form Spam in WordPress

One of the most common ways of WordPress website abuse is the Contact form spam. If you are using the Contact form 7 or any similar form plugin you will face the spam problem sooner or later. In this quick guide, we will teach you how to stop contact form spam for good.

Worda Team 06/15/2020 Security
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How to protect WordPress website – WordPress Security guide

Security of WordPress website is something that many blogs or website owners take for granted. Learn how to properly secure your WordPress website and manage to stay safe from hackers.

Davor 04/25/2020 Security
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Stored XSS Patched in WordPress 5.1.1

WordPress recently released an update, 5.1.1, which patches a stored XSS vulnerability in the platform’s comment system. Even 10 days after the release of this security patch, around 60% of all WordPress sites scanned by our services didn’t have this fix applied.

Davor 03/28/2019 Security
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Animated Weather plugin removed because of Crypto Minning

Animated Weather Widget Plugin by was removed recently from the WordPress plugins repository because it was carrying Crypto Minning hack that was using the resources of website visitors or any website that was running this plugin.

Davor 11/29/2017 Security
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Stop Spammers using Stop Signup Spam WordPress plugin

Spam user registrations can become a real problem when you use open registration. Leland Fiegel, a founder of Themetry, has developed a new plugin called Stop Signup Spam that prevents users from registering an account if their email or IP address is already included in the SFS database.

Worda Team 05/10/2017 Security
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Authors need more knowledge on creating secure WordPress Themes

Last week, Wp Tavern highlighted the progress being made by the Theme Review Team in clearing out a 1K+ review backlog. In an effort to determine common problems with themes discovered by reviewers, Carolina Nymark, a member of the Theme Review Team, reviewed 100 tickets from 531 themes that were closed and marked not approved between December and February.

Worda Team 03/29/2017 Security