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Authors need more knowledge on creating secure WordPress Themes

Last week, Wp Tavern highlighted the progress being made by the Theme Review Team in clearing out a 1K+ review backlog. In an effort to determine common problems with themes discovered by reviewers, Carolina Nymark, a member of the Theme Review Team, reviewed 100 tickets from 531 themes that were closed and marked not approved between December and February.

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How to start a WordPress website – step by step beginner guide

In this WordPress quick guide you will learn how to start your WordPress website properly. This step by step guide is made for WordPress beginners and it covers topics such as WordPress installation and setup, hosting and domain guide, theme and plugin recommendation.

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WordPress plugins repository re-design roles out today

After a couple of months of testings in some open beta style, the new WordPress plugins repository design is set to be the default and if you have access the plugins page on you can notice that the “repo” is now looking different at least.

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How to find out what theme is being used on WordPress website

How to find out which WordPress theme is that website using? If you ever stumbled upon some amazing WordPress website but you haven’t being able to tell what theme is used on that particular WordPress website? Well, now you can easily find out using WordPress theme detector.

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