How to downgrade WordPress to an older version

If for some reason you need to revert or downgrade your WordPress website to an older version, this is the right guide for you. In this article, we cover all the steps needed to revert back to the older version.

Davor Veselinović 01/10/2020 111

Debugging in WordPress Explained

If you have stumbled upon any issues with your WordPress website or if you are developing anything for WordPress, you should consider using the built-in debug system in WordPress. This beginner guide covers everything related to the debugging in WordPress.

Worda Team 01/10/2020 168

How to insert, add or incorporate Slider in WordPress

This is a beginner level guide on how to insert, add or incorporate Slider on the Home page of the WordPress powered websites. The article covers the basic installation of Slider plugin, adding the slider via shortcode or inside PHP templates, and customization. So, let’s get started. 🙂 Choosing the appropriate Slider plugin There are […]

Davor Veselinović 01/09/2020 71

Setting up SEO in WordPress Beginner Guide

Learn SEO for WordPress, this an easy to understand WordPress beginner guide that will teach you how to optimize your website or blog for Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.

Davor Veselinović 11/19/2019 140
Install WP-CLI on CentOs 7 - how to guide

How to install WP-CLI on RHEL / Centos 7

If you want to automate and speed up your WordPress development process. In this small guide, we will be focusing on the installation of WP-CLI on Centos 7 or any other RHEL based OS machines.

Davor Veselinović 09/06/2019 81

What is WP-CLI and how to use it?

WP-CLI stands for WordPress Command Line Interface and it will allow you to interact with your WordPress website running terminal styled environment for faster development. You can use one line of code to install and deploy WordPress, you can install and activate plugins, alter, move and manipulate it with ease using just command line.

Davor Veselinović 08/18/2017 39

How to install WordPress + WAMP for local development

This guide covers all you need to know regarding the installation of WAMP (stands for Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP) on your computer for local WordPress development.

Davor Veselinović 04/19/2017 50

How to start a WordPress website – step by step beginner guide

In this WordPress quick guide you will learn how to start your WordPress website properly. This step by step guide is made for WordPress beginners and it covers topics such as WordPress installation and setup, hosting and domain guide, theme and plugin recommendation.

Davor Veselinović 03/29/2017 147

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