The Best Translation plugins for Wordpress

Best WordPress Multi-language & Translation Plugins

This list shows the best WordPress Multi-language and translation plugins. You can extend the default WordPress language capabilities using any of these plugins to offer your website content in more than one language.

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WooCommerce 4

WooCommerce 4.0 is here!

WooCommerce 4.0 is released today after a team of developers finished implementing the changes from the last couple of months and some features that are dating back to 2018.

Worda Team 03/11/2020 419
How to delete unused images in your WordPress website

How to delete unused images in your WordPress website

Dues to the various reasons, you might need to clean up your Media Library in WordPress website and remove all unused images. Those are usually images that were uploaded in some posts as post content images or ex-featured images from deleted posts. How to delete unused images automatically? You can automatically remove all unused images […]

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WordPRess 5.4 important update

WordPress 5.4 Alert! Theme & plugin developers prepare your items

As the WP Tavern states in their latest article on the upcoming WordPress 5.4 release, the theme and plugin developers should be well aware of the changes.

Worda Team 03/08/2020 20
Change Rename form Labels in WooCommerce

How to change / rename form labels in WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows the developers to alter the features and functionality of the checkout and order form using actions and filters.
In this example, we are gonna alter the default label(placeholders) for some of the form fields.

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How to remove fields from checkout & ordering form in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is definitely a great piece of e-commerce platform and comes packed with lots of extra features. However, sometimes you might need to remove or edit some of the form items on the checkout page, cart page, and ordering page. The options to remove or alter the fields and label is not included in the […]

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Top 10 News & Magazin WordPress themes 2020

Top 10 News & Magazine Themes for WordPress

This article presents some of the finest and currently best WordPress News & Magazine theme available in the ThemeForest marketplace.
Switching to a new theme could end up with a lot of additional work, especially if you haven’t selected the right theme. All themes listed here are created by the authors that do care about the user’s experience and overall theme usability.

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WooCommerce - add City and District for shipping zones

How to add City and District for shipping zones in WooCommerce

In some specific cases, you might need to change the WooCommerce default country, state or region to better suit your needs. For example, if you are creating a city-specific service that delivers the orders only inside the city boundaries.

Davor Veselinović 03/07/2020 58
Theme Adviser WordPress Blog

Theme Adviser is back with new articles on WordPress

We are very glad to inform you that our old blog website Theme Adviser is now back online. The website is dedicated to the good WordPress topics and it’s now on a new domain. The Theme Adviser will continue to post regular updates via website, Twitter and Youtube. You can expect tho see the new […]

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5 Best Premium Classified & Directory WordPress Themes

We have enlisted the best premium Classified, Directory and Listing themes for WordPress at the time. Please check the details and find the perfect theme for your future classified ads or directory website.

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